B00T It

B00T It
by: A guy who wasn't dumb enough to attach his name to this trash
Sung to the tune of Beat It with apologies to Michael Jackson

You're processing some words when your keyboard goes dead,
Ten pages in the buffer, should've gone to BED,
The system just crashed, but don't lose your head,
Just B00T it, just B00T it

You better think fast, better do what you can,
Better read the manual or call your system man,
Don't wanna fall behind in the race with Japan,
So B00T IT

Get the sysop to 
B00T IT,       B00T IT,
Even though you'd rather shoot it
Don't be up-set, it's only some glitch,
All that you do is flip a **** switch, YEAH
B00T IT,       B00T IT,
Get right down and reinstitute it
Don't get excited, all is not lost,
CP/M, Unix, or MS/DOS
Just B00T IT, B00T IT, boot it, boot it....

You gotta have your printout for the meeting at two,
The system says your job's at the head of the queue
Right then the thing DIES, but you know what to do,
Just B00T IT

You always get so worried when the system runs slow,
And when it finally crashes, man you feel so low
But computers make mistakes (they're only human ya know),
So B00T IT

Call the sysop to 
B00T IT,         B00T IT,
Go ahead and reinstitute it
If you're not lucky grab the book off the shelf,
But if you are, then it'll do it itself  
Just B00T IT,  B00T IT,
Then go kill the guy who screwed it!
Operating systems are built to bounce back,
Whether it's a Cray or a Radio Shack

Just B00T IT!   B00T IT!

(adapted from Nutworks, Issue 1, Volume 1, Jan. 1985)
(Nutworks is pulled in off Bitnet)

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