Bacon Blanketed Pork Loin

Bacon Blanketed Pork Loin

One of the easiest recipes. 

Note: this recipe is neither Kosher, Halal, or Vegan

  • Pre-seasoned pork loin
  • Bacon (12-16 oz)


  • Oven
  • Baking sheet (with sides)
  • Parchment Paper (optional)
  • Kitchen Knife (such as a Chef's knife)
  • Cutting board (large enough for loin)
  • Thermometer (corded external probe, digital)
  • Oven mitts
  • Trivets
  • Toothpicks (plain, not colored and without fancy decorations)
  • Forks (metal)
  1. If using parchment paper to ease cleanup, place parchment paper on cooking sheet.
  2. Unwrap/open pork loin and place on cooking sheet (or parchment paper).

  3. Open package of bacon and apply bacon on top of loin. You may use a couple of pieces of bacon applied to the loin lengthwise to cover the ends of the loin. Fold the bacon in half or an approximation and layer the bacon width-wise completely covering the loin.

  4. Insert toothpicks in the bacon to ensure that the bacon doesn’t move off the loin while cooking.
  5. Turn oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. Insert probe of meat thermometer into the thickest part of the meat, trying to place the probe tip in the center of the meat.

  7. Open Oven.

  8. Place sheet on the middle rack of the oven and close the oven, ensuring the cable on the probe is outside of the oven.

  9. Plug the cable into the thermometer control module.
  10. Turn on the thermometer control module and set the alert to 143F. Ensure the thermometer control module displays the current temperature of the loin.

  11. Place the trivets on a surface that you will place the hot cooking sheet on when removed from the oven.

  12. Kick-back and relax until the alert goes off.

  13. Don’t rush, you can take a minute or two to get to the loin. The alert temperature was set to 2 degrees lower than the safe temperature to give you time to get to the oven.

  14. Turn the oven off.

  15. Put on the oven mitts.

  16. Open oven and carefully remove the hot cooking sheet, being extra cautious to ensure that any exposed body part does not come in contact with a hot surface.

  17. Place the cooking sheet on the trivets that you placed down during a previous step.

  18. Close oven.

  19. Remove toothpicks; a twisting action may be required. 

  20. Place the cutting board near the cooking sheet.

  21. Carefully lift the loin from the cooking sheet and set onto the cutting board.

  22. Move the cooking sheet to another heat safe surface, if needed, to ensure you don’t burn yourself on the cooking sheet while cutting the loin.

  23. Using the knife and fork, slice the loin into 1/2 inch medallions and serve.

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