The Underfull Badness Blues

To the tune of "Do Run Run" by the Beach Boys

I thought I put the backslashes in I thought I did it right; But when I tried to run the thing The screen displayed this sight: "Error, error, error," it said So I've got no time to lose My line's too long and my bracket's missing I've got the underfull badness blues (a-do-run-run-run, a do-run-run) I can do most anything With Latex as a tool Make boxes, tables, Greek letters too And I can alter the size of my pool But wait! I got too excited again It's the same old, not-good-news My control sequences are in error again I've got the underfull badness blues (a-do-run-run) My life is like a Latex run With trials and errors each day The fates one minute are on my side Then they slip and slide away I lose my keys, I'm out of Scope I'm totally missing my cues The cats have fleas and the water heater burst I've got the overfull/underfull badness blues (a-do-run-run-run, a do-run-run)

by Frankeye Jones