A little app to help DMs

Below is the code that I wrote, in Python, to help DMs run a game.  I wanted a way to generate random meals to be offered to the characters in the game without spending the time needed to roll each food thus slowing down the game. I plan on making more simple scripts to make the DM’s life easier. Enjoy!


# Purpose: To allow the GameMaster (GM) / DungeonMaster (DM) to create a random breakfast for
# travelers / adventurers at a tavern without having to roll for each table thus wasting time.
# Created on: 20190802
# By: Jamie R. Shrope
# Inspiration: https://www.reddit.com/r/BehindTheTables/comments/4dplpx/breakfast_at_a_travelers_inn/
# License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
# ================================================================================================

import random

# begin clear screeen function
# Thanks to martinubuntu at https://stackoverflow.com/users/4458128/martinubuntu for the following code
# as found at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/517970/how-to-clear-the-interpreter-console
import os
import subprocess

def clear_screen():
     if os.name in (‘nt’,’dos’):
     elif os.name in (‘linux’,’osx’,’posix’):
         print(“\n”) * 120
# end clear screen function

print(“Tavern Breakfast Generator”) # https://stackoverflow.com/questions/517970/how-to-clear-the-interpreter-consoleheader displayed to user
print (“\r\n”)

breakfast_1_list = [‘scrambled eggs’, ‘fried eggs’, ‘boiled eggs’, ‘poached eggs’, ‘smoked ham’, ‘honey ham’, ‘hard cheese’, ‘soft cheese’, ‘hot porridge’, ‘cold porridge’, ‘thin porridge’, ‘warm gruel’, ‘scrapple’, ‘roasted squirrel’, ‘pickled fish’, ‘fried fish’, ‘poached fish’]
breakfast_1_item = random.choice(breakfast_1_list)

breakfast_2_list = [‘soggy bacon’, ‘crispy bacon’, ‘thick-cut bacon’, ‘mild sausage’, ‘spicy sausage’, ‘sweet sausage’, ‘hot sausage’, ‘sour yogurt’, ‘sweetened yogurt’]
breakfast_2_item = random.choice(breakfast_2_list)

breakfast_3_list = [‘fried potatoes’, ‘boiled potatoes’, ‘tomatoes’, ‘pickled mushrooms’, ‘fried mushrooms’, ‘sweet peppers’, ‘spinach’, ‘sweet onions’, ‘red onions’, ‘fried yucca’, ‘smoked plantains’]
breakfast_3_item = random.choice(breakfast_3_list)

breakfast_sides_1_list =[‘corn bread’, ‘corn mash’, ‘fresh bread’, ‘crusty bread’, ‘dry toast’, ‘buttered toast’, ‘black bread’, ‘brown bread’, ‘pungent cheese’]
breakfast_sides_1_item = random.choice(breakfast_sides_1_list)

breakfast_sides_2_list =[‘apples’, ‘cherries’, ‘elderberries’, ‘raspberries’, ‘strawberries’]
breakfast_sides_2_item = random.choice(breakfast_sides_2_list)

breakfast_drinks_list =[‘clear water’, ‘brown water’, ‘ale’, ‘mead’, ‘tea’, ‘spiced cider’, ‘bubbly brown water’, ‘bubbly water’, ‘sweet red drink’]
breakfast_drink_item = random.choice(breakfast_drinks_list)

print (“This morning, at a traveler’s inn, we break our fast with ” + breakfast_1_item + “, ” + breakfast_2_item + ” and ” + breakfast_3_item + “. “)
print (“On the side there is some ” + breakfast_sides_1_item + ” and ” + breakfast_sides_2_item + “. “)
print (“To wash it down there is ” + breakfast_drink_item + “.”)
print (“\r\n”)

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