Shrope Family Archives Preface (with links)

Welcome to the Schropp/Schrop/Schrope
Shrope/Srope Family Archives

The body of research in these pages was collected and researched by:

Irene Leona Shrope of Oxnard, California. (R.I.P.) She spent the better part of 30 years compiling this information and probably had contact with either you or a family member, at some point in time. Many individuals contributed to this record.

These records represent her completed work at the time of her death in the Spring of 1996.

I have preserved, scanned each page, typed the Index from her typewriter typed original, converted her 1994 Word Perfect documents into the Chapter Files and compiled this record for family members.

While somewhat fragmented the Index will assist you in locating particular families and pages they can be found on. Individuals are usually found within several pages of her listed page number. Volume 1 has the best-indexed names. Volume 2 is collected information that has not been indexed.

The files consist of:

Please be aware that since her death many new details about of earliest German ancestors
have emerged and are not included in this record, as it is her original unedited work.

Peter Shrope

Descendent of Christopher Shrope, b. Nov. 2, 1761, New Jersey.

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