USMA Beast Form Letter 02




I have been here for over __________weeks and I am: (Circle all that apply)

 A.   still loving it

 B.  glad I came

 C. in my element

 D. still making up my mind

 E. miserable at times

 F. sure some days, and not so sure others

I sleep:  

A.   Like a log

               B.  Not enough

               C.  With lots of tossing and turning

               D. Soundly

               E.  Sleep? What’s that?

I dream about___________________________________________________________________


My weight has   increased/ decreased   by this much__________________________.

I am working on improving ____________________________________________________



 The dumbest thing I have had to do is _______________________________________________



Strangest item I was issued is ______________________________________________________.

I am starting to make:

A. Many friends

B. Quite a few friends

C. A couple close friends

I enjoy being around New Cadet ____________________________________________because he/she



Most of the new cadets in my  Company are  

A.  strong                      F.  Good at stuff

                                                                           B. funny                       G.  Lack common sense

                                                                           C.  Inspiring                 H. Motivated

                                                                           D.  Smart                      I.  Know how to make the 

                                                                           E.  Out of shape                most of this crazy place

My cadre is

A. brutal

                    B. chill

                    C. Scary

                    D. Respectful

                    E. Inspiring

Physically, my body is 

A. Holding up

                                      B. Falling apart

                                      C. In constant pain

                                      D. Transforming

                                      E.  Getting stronger

If I could have one thing right now it would be ____________________________________________.

The funniest thing that I have seen so far is _______________________________________________



__________________________________________________________________________________ Write soon and often.

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