USMA Beast Form Letter 05


Dear ____________________,

We have been here for over ___ weeks now and I am (circle one )
a. still loving it
b. glad I came
c. right at home
d. in my element
e. still making up my mind
f. sure some days and not so sure others
g. barely hanging in there, but still here 
h. miserable at times

My bed is:
a. like cement
b. filled with speed bumps
c. squeeks
d. too small
e. poking me
f. OK
g. cushy
h. great
i. my favorite place to be

I sleep:
a. like a log
b. soundly
c. through the night
e. with a lot of tossing and turning
f. not enough 
g. bothered by my roommate’s snoring
h. like a baby.

I dream about _______________________________________________.

The food [circle one] continues to be:
a. satisfactory
b. worse
c. lousy
d. better
e. is growing on me
f. not too bad
g. great
h. ample
i. just OK.

I get:
a. plenty
b. too much
c. not enough.
d. My weight has + , – , ~ by this much ______.

About New Cadet privileges, we may: (circle as appropriate)
go to the bathroom without permission
go to the mall
have parties
walk around West Point at our leisure
date the opposite sex
go to a drive in
go to the PX
go to the C Store with our cadre
use the phone whenever we want
take leisurely bubble baths

We now have been given these uniforms for these purposes:





I need some more ___________________________________________________________.

I would like you to bring me on A Day (or mail after the marchback)_________________________________________________________________


My squad has ____ number of New Cadets in it.

Since I have been here I have begun to learn ________________________________________. I am working on trying to _______________________________________________ so that things might go a little more smoothly. The cadet I most admire is _______________ and the qualities that that person has that I would like to work on for myself are _____________________________. __________________is the most supportive person here that I have met because____________________________________________.

When we go to Camp Buckner, I hear that we will be busy doing:


I am anxious about ___________________________________________________________

and am looking forward to ______________________________________________________.

Well, next they are having us ____________________________________so I have to go _________________________________now.

I miss you, love you, like you, am glad you are my friend, want you to write me soon, want you to never write me again, want you to write me with a self-addressed, stamped envelope inside with your letter, want you to come visit me.

send X X X X X X, send OOOOOOOO’s.

Love, fondly, sincerely, yours truly, forever,


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