USMA Beast Form Letter 06

Dear ________________,

Just another quickie to say hello.

It’s been a ________time since I have written and I just wanted to let you know I am ______________. 

The weather here has been _____________, temperatures in the _______, and very (circle) humid, muggy, wet, dry.

I just thought you would like an update on how things are going so here goes.

In regards to sleep, I get about __________hours and I feel (circle) a little tired, tired, rested, refreshed most, some, a little…of the time. I get to bed about ________ and wake up about _______.

My favorite meal so far is (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and favorite food at that meal is _____________.

We are given (circle) …tons, ample, a little to eat, bread and water to eat. 
My favorite food is ______________, 
but I can’t stand the ________________. 
It tastes like (wallpaper paste, dog food, cat food, dirt, baby food, wet bread, raw fish, 
shoe leather, plastic, paper, dead fish, fruit cake)-circle one. 

I miss eating ___________ and would like it when I come to visit you.

We never get to _____________________, but we can ________________and I had not expected to be able to do that.

I love_____________________________________________________the best of all we do (not eating or sleeping), but I hate_______________________________________!

We get free time for _____________ long at these times _____________, _______________.

I do this really well. I got complimented for __________________________________________________ and I know I am good at ___________________________________________________.

I messed this up: ________________________________________________________________ and _________________________ happened because I had __________________________________________________.

I took it (with a grain of salt, OK, hard, personally, I’m shattered, I’m disillusioned, they’ll get over it, in good stride) (circle those that apply).

Well, it is _________________(o ‘clock , hundred hours) and I have to go to ___________________ now. Write soon and often. I miss you and it will be good to see you again.
__I love you!
__I miss you.

__loving __grateful __devoted ________, 
__Yours truly,
__With all my love forever,


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