USMA Beast Form Letter 07


Dear ___________________________________________,

Here is a little info you might find interesting. 

Most of the cadets in my platoon are really (circle applicable responses, strong, silly, funny, motivated, smart, out of shape, looking for trouble, good at this stuff. I feel _____________among them.

My company is (name)_______________________and is (temperament)______________________.

My platoon leader is (circle) loving, wild and crazy, a good dancer, really good at all this stuff. 

My roommate(s) is (are) from ___________and _____________.

My best friend is from _____________and is (5 specific descriptive behavioral, and/or personal characteristics)_______________, ________________, ________________, _______________, _______________. 

I have written about ____letters and postcards to (Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle , Cousins, Grandma, Grandpa, Nonna, Poppy, Meme, Pepe, Grandmere, Grandpere, Poppop, Granny, Gramps, brother(s, sister(s), other _____________.

This is a map of where my barracks in relation to the Plain. . x = us

This is a map of my room and how it is set up. and how it is set up.

I went to __church, __temple, __other (specify)_____________on _____day.
It was ________________________________.

So far my favorite place at West Point is ___________________________________________________.

Well, it is _________________(o’clock , hundred hours) and I have to go to _______________________ now.

Write soon and often. I miss you and it will be good to see you again.__I love you! __I miss you.

__loving __ grateful__ devoted ________, __Fondly, __Sincerely, __Yours truly, __With all my love forever,


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