Waze, AndroidAuto and failure to locate

OK, so I’ve been having issues with Waze the last few days.

At first I thought it was because I wasn’t getting an connection to satellites.  I got myself an app, an app to tell me the status of the satellites that the phone can see and how many it connects to.  I was connecting to at least 11 satellites, at any give time when I tested it; both in the car and out, even in the house.  OK, scratch that theory.

Maybe my phone isn’t telling the application that it sees satellites.  So I then tried using Google Maps.  Sure enough, Google Maps worked just fine.

OK, maybe it’s just a bad day for Waze. I checked at Down Detector (for clarity, I’m not affiliated with them and get no kick-back.). OK, so I see that in my area there are some reports of Waze being down.  Something seemed wrong with that, shouldn’t it be down all over?

OK, back to the google. (yes, I really wrote that… it sounds funny when I say it too) More research, more attempts at using the right keywords in my search. I’m getting tired of this. Then, it looks like it is right there, my answer.

As I pull up the page, I’m getting excited!  Could this really be it? My heart beats faster, I’m getting out of breath.

I just ran across the street.

There it is, the answer that may be my solution.  Turn off the power saver.  Wait!  What?!?  That’s it?

I go into the settings of the phone and turn off the power saver.

I get back in the car.

I turn the car on.

I click on the virtual button that has me agree to some disclaimer that I have to look at every… single… time… I start the car.

I plug in the phone.

AndroidAuto starts and the screen indicates that I can choose it.

I click on AndroidAuto and wait.  It takes a few seconds to populate the screen.

I click on the navigate button and wait.

Oops!  It just turned on Google Maps.  I have to press the button again and choose Waze.

Waze displays and shows a dot… great, it still doesn’t work.  OK, be patient, it may show me an arrow and show me moving on the map.

As I pull out of the parking lot, I glance at the screen.

YES, YES, YES!!!!  Waze is working.  Calm down, don’t get too excited, it could drop in a few seconds.

I pull onto the road and drive the ~200m to the next light, which is red.  Of course.

I look back at the screen.

Waze is back to working as it should! Huzzah!

There you go folks, if Waze stops navigating when you plug it into the car, but it was working before you plugged it in, it is possibly the power saver that is trying to get you lost. Or at least unaware of hazards on the road.

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